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Thoughts on a 7-5 Rangers loss

Tigers 7, Rangers 5

Texas Rangers v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Tigers 7, Rangers 5

  • I’m not talking about Mike Foltynewicz anymore.
  • Taylor Hearn entered the game in the fifth inning with the score 6-1. He did well, retiring seven of eight batters he faced, and walking Victor Reyes to start the seventh. Reyes ended up scoring so Hearn got tagged with a run despite not allowing any hits.
  • After the game it was indicated that Hearn would be stretched out and used in a multi-inning role, apparently with an eye towards potentially starting, though Chris Woodward apparently said they hadn’t decided for sure on whether he would start. That’s what the team was doing with John King before he landed on the injured list. Hearn will, I’m guessing, be used in some sort tandem role or something. Which should be interesting.
  • Joe Barlow allowed a hit in 0.2 innings of relief. Spencer Patton threw a scoreless inning. So one run in four innings of relief by the pen.
  • The offense wasn’t terrible for a change. That’s refreshing, right?
  • Texas got three walks from the ninth spot in the order. Two from Nick Solak, and one from pinch hitter Nate Lowe. Yeah, the Walking Men. That’s something.
  • Andy Ibanez picked up three hits, including a triple.
  • I don’t really want to go through what the offense did today though, really. Because the Rangers lost anyway and it was their ninth loss in a row and it bums me out to write about it. I’d rather focus on Justin Foscue and his crazy hot streak, or Miguel Aparicio hitting home runs, or, I don’t know, birds. Maybe I’ll spend more time putting mealworm cakes in the bird feeders.
  • Seth just asked if we could go buy little eyeball trims at Lowe’s on Saturday. I have some vague idea what little eyeball trims are. He is always told no, we aren’t buying little eyeball trims. And yet he will ask time and time again. He’s been asking for them for months.
  • Do you want to know pitch and exit velocities today? Probably not. But we will do them nonetheless.
  • 96.9 mph was tops for Taylor Hearn. 96.3 was Joe Barlow’s max velocity. Spencer Patton hit 94.3.
  • Adolis Garcia had a 108.9 mph groundout. Andy Ibanez had a 106.6 mph lineout and a 101.8 mph triple. IKF had a 104.8 mph single. Jonah Heim ended the game on a 104.1 mph force out. David Dahl had a 100.5 mph sacrifice fly.
  • On we go. Onwards, ever onwards.