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Kimbrel to the ChiSox, per reports

The Chicago White Sox are reportedly acquiring closer Craig Kimbrel from the Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images

Trade Rumors: Craig Kimbrel is going from the Chicago Cubs to the Chicago White Sox for Nick Madrigal and Codi Heuer, per multiple reports.

Madrigal, 24, was the 4th overall pick of the 2018 Draft by the White Sox. He has a .317/.358/.406 slash line and terrific bat-to-ball skills, but his defensive limitations — he’s a second baseman who doesn’t really profile defensively anything else — and his lack of power he’s seen as a high floor, low ceiling guy who profiles as an average second baseman in the major leagues.

Madrigal has, per B-R, 164 days of service time — short of a year, but with the potential changes in the CBA, he could end up getting credit for a full year of service in 2020. That, along with 2021, would make him eligible for free agency after 2025; otherwise he has five years of team control after this season.

Madrigal is on the 60 day injured list currently.

Heuer, 25, is a righthanded reliever with a career 3.75 ERA and a 3.33 FIP over the past two seasons.

Kimbrel, 33, was once the best relief pitcher in baseball, and he is pitching like it again currently. Kimbrel has a 0.49 ERA and 1.08 FIP in 39 games, and has struck out 64 of 137 batters faced this year. He is under contract for $16 million this year, and has a $16 million option for 2022.