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Thursday Morning Links


MLB: Detroit Tigers at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant has a rundown of the shortlist of candidates for the Rangers’ number two overall pick in the upcoming draft.

Kevin Sherrington says the shortlist of candidates should be precisely one name long, and that name starts with J and ends with -ack Leiter.

Are you happy about what the Rangers might get in their stocking Draft Day morn? Well, Mac Engel says that all your dreams will turn to dust, there’s no point in optimism ever because the Rangers can’t draft or develop players and the inevitable heat death of the universe renders all of your hopes and dreams meaningless and irrelevant anyway.

With Jose Trevino set to return from the IL imminently, what will happen to Jonah Heim and John Nicks?

Joey Gallo wanted to compete in the Home Run Derby in a Ranger uniform, so it’s great that he’s getting the opportunity while he is still wearing one.

He also showed he’s a real mensch saying that the real story should be about Tony Beasley, who will be pitching for him and is “the real story.”

Gallo did his best to singlehandedly keep the Rangers in the game yesterday, but 450 foot dongs can’t do everything.