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Texas Rangers lineup for August 1, 2021

Can the Rangers win a series?

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers lineup for August 1, 2021 against the Seattle Mariners: starting pitchers are Mike Foltynewicz for the Rangers and Marco Gonzalez for the M’s.

Its August. Yeah, I can’t believe it’s already August, either. It’s the second month in the summer named after a Caesar. The good news is that these day games at home in August won’t be nearly as bad to sit through now that there is a new stadium with a roof. The bad news is that the team isn’t as nearly as good as we would like for it to be, which provides less incentive to actually attend a game.

The lineup:


Culberson — 3B

Garcia — RF

Lowe — 1B

Ibanez — 2B

Heim — DH

White — CF

Dahl — LF

Trevino — C

1:35 p.m. Central start time