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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Remember David Hulse?

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics Photo by Ben Green/Getty Images

Good morning.

Evan Grant writes that a July that might have held the worst results by the big league club in Texas Rangers franchise history also planted the seeds of the rebuild effort.

T.R. Sullivan dips into his wealth of memories to write about the baseball palace that never stood a chance — The Ballpark.

Grant writes that after one of the most unusual pro debut years possible, Justin Foscue has been displaying the lumber in his first full season.

Jomboy breaks down Brock Holt’s eephus from Saturday which now holds the distinction of being the slowest pitch called a strike in modern recorded history.

And, MLB dot com is holding a blooper bracket tournament which means I get to think about David Hulse laughing at Jose Canseco so it’s already a pretty good day.

Have a nice day!