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Texas Rangers lineup for August 11, 2021

Can the Rangers make it two in a row? Whaddya think, guys?

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Texas Rangers lineup for August 11, 2021 against the Seattle Mariners: starting pitchers are Spencer Howard for the Rangers and Tyler Anderson for the Mariners.

The Texas Rangers and the Seattle Mariners played a baseball game yesterday, in the city of Seattle. Because it was in Seattle and not Arlington, that meant it was a road game for the Rangers. The Rangers have been very bad in road games this season — and last season, for that matter. Nonetheless, Texas somehow won the game.

The Rangers will now try to make it two in a row against the M’s. This is who the Rangers will be sending out for this game:


Yonny — 3B

Adolis — CF

Lowe — 1B

Ibanez — 2B

Heim — C

Culberson — LF

Peters — RF

Terry — DH

9:10 p.m. Central start time