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Thoughts on a 3-1 Rangers loss

M’s 3, Rangers 1

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

M’s 3, Rangers 1

  • I really have nothing to say about this game.
  • I mean...what is there that I could offer? Mike Foltynewicz threw seven innings. He’s here to absorb some innings and likely will be waived or non-tendered this offseason. Brett Martin threw an inning, but it was a regular old inning like we expect from Brett Martin. Charlie Culberson homered for the only Rangers run, and we know he’s just here because they need some bodies on the bench. The only other Ranger hit was a single by Jason Martin. The only Ranger walk was by Jose Trevino.
  • This season isn’t about wins and losses, which is good, because from a wins and losses standpoint, this has been an awful season.
  • No, this season is about development, and progress, and seeing who can contribute going forward. It’s about the journey, not the destination — or, maybe I should say, it’s about a destination that is a year or two away.
  • This was an uneventful game with a poor performance by an offense that isn’t good, and that even from a “looking to future” standpoint doesn’t really offer anything to talk about.
  • In a very forgettable 2021 season, this may be the least notable, most forgettable game of the year. And that’s saying something.