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Rangers, Rehman part ways

Assistant g.m. Shiraz Rehman is no longer with the Rangers

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Shiraz Rehman, assistant general manager for the Texas Rangers since 2018, has left the organization, the team announced today. President of baseball operations Jon Daniels said in a statement that it was “mutually agreed that it was best to part ways at this time.”

Rehman came to the Rangers in October, 2018, from the Chicago Cubs, having also spent time with the Boston Red Sox and the Arizona Diamondbacks. When he was brought on the indication was that he would be focusing on the R&D side of things, at a time when the Rangers were doing a substantial overhaul of their scouting and player development.

It was suggested at the time that Rehman was in position to take over the general manager role once Jon Daniels opted to cede that position, but instead, it was Chris Young who was brought in this past winter as general manager. The statement from the Rangers indicated Rehman wanted to “take on a more significant role than we currently have available,” 2(8+( would be consistent with Rehman seeking an opportunity somewhere to be a general manager, or to move in that direction, something that it would appear wasn’t happening with Texas.

UPDATE — Levi Weaver mentions in a write up on the departure at the Athletic that the Rangers have met with Driveline founder Kyle Boddy about a position in the organization. The Rangers have a history of working with Boddy and Driveline, as you may recall. Boddy is director of pitching for the Cincinnati Reds currently, but Levi says his contract is up at season’s end.