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Minor league update for 8/22/21

No Rangers today, but we have minor league action

This is Seth showing where he got stung by a wasp

Owen White started for Down East and went four innings of one run ball, with three hits, one walk and three strikeouts. Conner Sechler went two shutout innings with three walks and three Ks.

Luisangel Acuna had two hits and stole a base, but left the game after turning an ankle. He was DHing and has apparently been a little banged up for a while. Keithron Moss had a walk and a double. Angel Aponte and Keyber Rodriguez had a hit and a walk. Jayce Easley had two hits and a walk. Cody Freeman had a hit.

Down East box score:,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=649166

For Hickory, Dustin Harris just keeps raking. Harris was 2 for 4 today, which actually lowered his OPS to 1351. Jonathan Ornelas and Frainyer Chavez each had two hits. Trevor Hauver and David Garcia each had a hit. Jake Guenther had a hit and a walk.

Hickory box score:,game_tab=boxscore,game=643306

Kohei Arihara made a rehab start for Frisco and went two shutout innings, with one walk and two Ks. Cole Ragans followed him with two runs in four innings of work, allowing two hits, walking three and striking out five. Fernery Ozuna threw two scoreless, and the Viper threw a scoreless ninth.

Bubba Thompson had three hits and stole a base. Blaine Crim homered. Josh Smith walked and stole a base.

Frisco box score:,game_tab=,game=647347

Collin Wiles started for Round Rock. He went six shutout innings, allowing two hits and a walk while striking out six. Ryder Ryan allowed a run in two innings of work. Cole Uvila gave up four runs in an inning of work.

Sherten Apostel had a single, a homer and a walk. Carl Chester had a hit and two walks. Josh Jung picked up his first AAA hit. Steele Walker and Ryan Dorow each doubled.

Round Rock box score:,game_tab=,game=645099