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Minor league update for 8/23/21

Josh Jung picks up his first AAA home runs

Blow premiere Johnny Depp Photo by Johnny Green - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

Round Rock had a bullpen game on Monday, with Luis Ortiz striking out three in two innings as the starter, followed by Joe Gatto, who allowed four runs on seven hits while striking out two in two innings. Blake Bass allowed three runs in 0.2 IP, and Scott Engler allowed two runs in 2.1 IP.

Josh Jung went two for five with a double and a homer. Steele Walker had a two homers and a single. Sherten Apostel had a pair of hits.

Round Rock box score

For the ACL Rangers, Josh Stephan threw five innings of one run ball, striking out five, walking one and allowing five hits. Aidan Curry struck out five in two scoreless innings of work.

Cam Cauley had three hits, including a triple. Efrenyer Narvaez had a walk and three hits. Zion Bannister had a pair of hits.

ACL Rangers box score