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Texas Rangers lineup for August 24, 2021

Texas has a bunch more COVID replacements and is playing in Cleveland

Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals
This guy is back
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Texas Rangers lineup for August 24, 2021 against the Cleveland Indians: starting pitchers are Taylor Hearn for the Rangers and Eli Morgan for the Indians.

Texas is playing in Cleveland today, and there is a lineup, but the bigger issue right now is that more players are on the COVID injured list for Texas, and so there are more moves that have been made that will be laid out in a separate post. Things have gone sideways, though.

The lineup:

Leody — CF


Garcia — RF

Lowe — 1B

Peters — LF

Ibanez — 3B

Pozo — DH

Solak — 2B

Trevino — C

6:10 p.m. Central start time