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TOS surgery for Maximo Acosta

Maximo Acosta will be sidelined until spring training, 2022, after undergoing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome surgery

Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Maximo Acosta, the Texas Rangers 18 year old shortstop out of Venezuela, had thoracic outlet syndrome surgery, per the beat guys on Twitter. Acosta will be out until spring training of 2022 rehabbing. Meanwhile, 18 year old Evan Carter, the Rangers outfielder who was their second round pick in 2020, had soreness while rehabbing his back, and so he will not be returning to Down East this year, per the beats. He is expected to return during Instructionals.

Disappointing injury news for arguably the two highest ceiling prospects the Rangers have. Acosta was generating exceptional reviews when he first signed with the Rangers, but has been slowed this summer in the ACL, presumably due to the TOS. Depending on how he looks this coming spring on his return from surgery, he could start the 2022 season in Down East, or could return to the ACL.

Carter’s issue, meanwhile, would seem to be less serious, though the hope had been that he would be back for the Ducks for the final month of their season. Instead, we will cross our fingers that he’s healthy later on for the Instructional League, where he wowed onlookers last year.

Finally, Florencio Serrano, a 21 year old righthanded pitcher who has spent this season with Down East, had elbow brace surgery and will be out until May, 2022.