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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Baby, you’ve got a streak goin’!

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MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Joseph Hoyt writes that the Texas Rangers are playing out the final two months with jobs and pride on the line.

Kennedi Landry recaps the Rangers’ 4-1 win over the Angels on Monday night to run the winning streak to three games.

Hoyt writes about rookie Curtis Terry breaking out at last for his first big league hit(s) in last night’s contest.

Over at FanGraphs, Dan Szymborski calls the Rangers a deadline winner simply for gathering more talent for the stated rebuild.

Jared Sandler discusses the bevy of roster maneuvering that the Rangers pulled off yesterday, including the end of the David Dahl era.

Levi Weaver has a look back at what ended up being one of the busiest weeks for the Rangers in quite some time.

Jeff Wilson’s Newsletter covers the ascension of Jonah Heim, which was coming even before his big breakout weekend against the Mariners.

Dave Brown writes about how Heim now shares a piece of history with future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols after his walk-off bonanza.

And, T.R. Sullivan remembers the Jose Canseco acquisition and the hiring of Kevin Kennedy and how they came together during one of stranger transitional periods of Rangers history.

Have a nice day!