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Texas Rangers lineup for August 8, 2021

Can the Rangers win a road game?

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Texas Rangers lineup for August 8, 2021 against the Oakland A’s: starting pitchers are Jordan Lyles for the Rangers and somebody, I don’t know, does it matter, why should I even bother looking it up...some guy for the A’s.

Texas will try to break their 13 game road losing streak today against the Oakland A’s. And we all know that day games in Oakland are always for shit, nothing good ever comes of them, they are an endless repeat of Trevor Cahill or Sonny Gray or Sean Manaea holding the Rangers to a run on three hits in seven innings while Josh Reddick or Jed Lowrie or Mark Canha hit a two out, three run home run in the early part of the game to put the Rangers in a hole and make us all in a bad mood from the outset.

In any case, veteran Jordan “Sparky” Lyles has been designated as the individual to try to get through the first part of the game before handing off the ball to some guys in the bullpen who are trying to prove their worth.

The lineup:


Yonny — 3B

Adolis — RF

Lowe — 1B

Ibanez — 2B

Heim — C

Holt — DH

Peters — CF

Martin — LF

I don’t know what time the game starts. I doubt you really care, anyway.