MILB Thread VIII: Leody

So the home boy might finally be stepping into his first MLB hot streak. Don't get me wrong, unless he finishes the year hitting .500 with more XBH than singles, he's not going to have a good triple slash. If he goes 20 for his next 20, he'd be at a .291 BA. He won't.

But the man has the defensive tools and the baserunning to be a league average +2 WAR player with mediocre offense.

His OPS in the Show is nearly up to .400. Which is bad. Super bad. Home boy looked like he was drowning earlier this year.

In AAA, Leody hit .245/.343/.475 in around 80 games. If he hits that in the show he's a 4 WAR player. He won't. But if he's a .260/.320/.400 player he's a starting every day CF. Let's hope for that. more than half his AAA PA have been in some of the most hitter friendly ballparks on this planet. The new temple in Arlington likely... Isn't. At all.

Still. Let's go Leody. Let's go ++ defense. Let's go + baserunning