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Rangers announce front office moves

The Rangers have announced a number of promotions and other moves within the front office

Toronto Blue Jays v. Texas Rangers Photo by Cooper Neill/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Per the beats on Twitter, the Texas Rangers have announced a number of promotions and other title changes in the team’s front office today.

The lead item on the announcement, and the ones the beats have particularly highlighted, is the promotion of Ross Fenstermaker to Vice President/Assistant General Manager for Player Development and International Operations. Per the statement from the team, “Fenstermaker will oversee the player development/minor league operations departments and will also continue to be responsible for the Rangers’ international amateur scouting efforts.”

Josh Boyd, who previously was simply an Assistant General Manager, is now “Vice President/Assistant General Manager for Scouting.” Per the announcement, he will oversee “the professional, amateur and Pacific Rim scouting departments.” I’m a little confused about the seeming overlap between Fenstermaker overseeing international amateur scouting efforts and Boyd overseeing the scouting departments.

Mike Daly, who, like Boyd, has been an Assistant General Manager, seems to be still in an AGM role, although the statement isn’t clear on that, simply stating that “Daly’s responsibilities will be shifted while he continues to serve a meaningful role in the Rangers’ Baseball Operations structure.”

The other announced moves are:

Napoleon Pichardo being promoted to Senior Director, Performance.

Joda Parent being promoted to Director, Baseball Administration and Executive Assistant.

Paul Kruger being promoted to Director, Baseball Operations. This is, per the announcement, on the major league side. Kruger had been Director of Minor League Operations.

Ben Baroody being promoted to Director, Leadership and Development. This is a role that, per the statement from the team, oversees “the organization’s mental skills group as well as leadership and personal development for players and staff,” both in the majors and minors.

Mike Parnell being promoted to Director, Professional Scouting.