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Minor league update for 9/11/21

Minor leagues, oh gimme those old time minor leagues

King Khufu’s Procession Photo by Fadel Dawod/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Down East had Nate Krauth start on Saturday. Krauth won the Pitcher of the Week Award in low-A East the previous two weeks, but hit a pretty big bump on Saturday, allowing five runs in four innings of work, while striking out just one batter. Conner Sechler struck out three in 1.2 IP while allowing two runs on a two run home run.

Alejandro Osuna had a single, a home run, and two walks. Aaron Zavala double. Daniel Mateo singled. Keyber Rodriguez had a triple and a walk. Angel Aponte had a single and a double. Cody Freeman had a single and a triple.

Down East box score

Ezequiel Duran had a single, a triple and a home run for Hickory on Saturday. Frayner Chavez had a single, a double and a walk. Dustin Harris had a single and a walk. Trevor Hauver had a pair of walks.

Hickory box score

Ronny Henriquez took the mound for Frisco, giving up four runs in five innings, striking out five and allowing a pair of home runs. The Viper struck out three in an inning of work.

Davis Wendzel had a homer and a walk. Justin Foscue had a double and a HBP. Josh Stowers had a hit. Sam Huff had three walks. Josh Smith and Bubba Thompson each had a walk.

Frisco box score

Drew Anderson, rehabbing after being on the COVID-19 list, threw two shutout innings for Round Rock. Yerry Rodriguez allowed four runs in two innings. Ryder Ryan threw a shutout inning. Josh Jung drew two walks.

Round Rock box score

Winston Santos started in Surprise, going five innings, allowing one run while striking out six and walking one. Larson Kindreich struck out four in two shutout innings. Bradford Webb allowed four runs on six hits in 1.2 IP. Anthony Hoopii-Tuionetoa struck out the one batter he faced.

Willie Calhoun’s rehab continued with a one for three outing with a walk. Anderson Tejeda’s rehab continued with a single, a double and a walk. Josy Galan had a single and a double. Cameron Cauley had a triple. Jojo Blackmon had a hit.

ACL Rangers box score