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Texas Rangers lineup for September 15, 2021

The Rangers and the Astros, oh boy

MLB: Houston Astros at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers lineup for September 15, 2021 against the Houston Astros: starting pitchers are Kohei Arihara for the Rangers and Jose Urquidy for the Astros.

The Rangers look to try to follow up last night’s victory, and have both Kohei Arihara on the mound and Willie Calhoun back in the lineup. Calhoun has been out for about two months, but has been rehabbing in the ACL and for Round Rock, and is now back in the DH spot and batting second.

The lineup:

Leody — CF

Willie — DH

Adolis — RF

Lowe — 1B


Heim — C

Solak — 2B

Holt — 3B

Yonny — SS

7:05 p.m. Central start time. White jerseys and blue caps. The roof is closed.