MILB Thread IX: Dustin Harris is Abnormal

In 73 games and 306 PA as a DE Wood Duck, Dustin Harris hit .301/.389/.483 with 10 homers, 11 doubles, and 3 triples. He paired that with a 11.1% walk rate to a 15.3% strikeout rate. That was as an age appropriate 22 year old hitter in low-A.

In 35 games and 151 PA as a Crawdad, he's hitting .375/.430/.669 with 10 HR and 10 doubles to go with a 8.6% walk rate to a 15.6% strikeout rate. That is while being 2 years younger than the average high-A player.

All of that combines to form a pristine line of .327/.403/.547 with 47 walks to 72 strikeouts

I want to mention the stolen bases too, even if the 20 he had in low-A is probably due to the meme stolen base/pick off rules in that league. The 5 steals per 35 games he's sitting at in high-A seems very possible with how athletic he is.

Talk baby rangers here.