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Friday Morning Rangers Links

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The morning after they're put out of their Silver Boot misery.

MLB: Houston Astros at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, LSB. The Texas Rangers will not play the Houston Astros again for another 220 days.

Evan Grant says the season series with the Astros has made clear how much of a gap there is between these two franchises right now.

Jeff Wilson is also thankful that the Rangers won’t see the Astros again until next season.

Kennedy Landry says that Glenn Otto getting beat up last night (again) hopefully serves as a learning moment for the rookie.

Landry also writes about Willie Calhoun’s return.

Evan has another piece up where he checks in with Section 315 after a rough, rough season to be a Ranger fan.

Jim Bowden names 10 pitchers that are likely to make his top 50 prospects list in 2022.

And MLB Pipeline names a late-blooming prospect from each franchise.

That’s all for this morning. The Rangers kick off a series with the Chicago White Sox tonight at 7:05.