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Kyle Boddy, Cincinnati Reds parting ways

Driverline founder Kyle Boddy is leaving the Cincinnati Reds organization

Rawlings baseballs with white surface and red stitches,... Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

MLB Rumors: Kyle Boddy, founder of Driveline Baseball, and the Cincinnati Reds are parting ways, per a press release issued by Boddy today.

Boddy was hired in October, 2019, as the Director of Pitching Initiatives by the Cincinnati Reds after establishing Driveline as a go-to destination for pitchers. Boddy’s work with biomechanics and cutting edge analytic systems got results from a number of pitchers who were able to add velocity and improve their stuff as a result of working with Driveline.

The Texas Rangers had a consulting arrangement with Boddy prior to him joining the Reds, and when the Rangers cut Shiraz Rehman loose last month, Levi Weaver mentioned that the Rangers had met with Boddy about a potential position within the Rangers’ organization. The Rangers made some changes in the organization that were announced last week, but I doubt those are the only changes made, and I suspect the Rangers will be talking to Boddy about a role within the organization.

Boddy’s press release ends with him saying that he’ll be at Driveline “while I await to see what is next in the world of professional baseball,” so it doesn’t sound like he’s done with MLB. Stay tuned...