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Texas Rangers lineup for September 22, 2021

The Rangers try to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Yankees

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Texas Rangers lineup for September 22, 2021 against the New York Yankees: starting pitchers are Taylor Hearn for the Rangers and Corey Kluber for the Yankees.

Oh, hey, the Rangers are facing former Ranger Corey Kluber today. That’s fun. How long ago does it seem that Kluber was a Ranger? Four score and seven years ago? Eons? Before the Big Bang? We age, time becomes more elastic, warps as we go faster or slower through the three spatial dimensions, and ultimately a day or a lifetime seems interchangeable.

Leody Taveras is getting the day off.

The lineup:

Yonny — 2B


Ibanez — DH

Lowe — 1B

Adolis — RF

Willie — LF


Holt — 3B

Trevino — C

6:05 p.m. Central start time.