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Minor league update for 9/22/21

Down East faces a 2-0 deficit in their best of 5 series

Continuous rain in the Harz Mountains Photo by Matthias Bein/picture alliance via Getty Images

Down East got down early to Charleston, allowing three runs in the first, then after a pair of runs from each team they tied the game at 5 with a three run eighth inning. Charleston scored three in the ninth, however, which gave them the final margin in an 8-5 Wood Ducks loss. The DEWDs now have to win three in a row to take the championship.

John Matthews started and allowed five runs, three earned, on four hits and three walks in five innings, striking out six. Michael Brewer allowed two hits in two scoreless innings, striking out three. Theo McDowell threw a scoreless inning, while Leury Tejada was on the mound for the fateful ninth, allowing three runs on four hits and a walk.

Aaron Zavala homered. Thomas Saggese and Keyber Rodriguez were each two for four. Cody Freeman doubled. Jayce Easley and Luisangel Acuna each had hits.

Down East box score