9/27/21 Monday OT: Aluminium


On September 27th, National Crush a Can Day dedicates time to educating the country about the benefits of recycling.
Aluminum cans are the second most recycled material after steel in the United States. Not only is aluminum 100% recyclable, but it also uses 95% less energy to recycle an old can into a new one. However, we still throw out more than 1 million tons of aluminum each year. Unlike some recyclables, aluminum can be recycled over and over.
Interesting Facts:
  • If you laid all the aluminum cans recycled in 2010 end to end, they could circle the earth 169 times.
  • The U.S. recycles about 65% of its aluminum.
  • In America, 105,800 cans are recycled every minute.
  • Your television can run for 3 hours from the energy saved by recycling one can.
  • In 2019, an aluminum can was worth about 1.7 cents.
  • The industry pays more than $1 billion annually for recycled cans.