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Thursday Morning Links


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MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Wilson’s newsletter discusses hitting 100 losses on the season and revisits the Elvis Andrus trade.

Levi Weaver winds down the twisty, curvy path that is Adolis Garcia’s Rookie of the Year case, talking to various broadcasters and coaches to get their opinions.

Garcia is also a possible Gold Glover, though Chris Woodward says he may have screwed that up.

Evan Grant says that while Chris Woodward’s option was picked up for 2022, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about which of the coaching staff might be coming back next season.

The Rangers coaching staff and front office agree with R. Kelley that 100 ain’t nothing but a number.

Taylor Hearn didn’t realize that he had pitched in the 100th loss of the season until he was asked about it after the game, and observed that “all losses feel the same.”