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Rangers place two in BA low-A East top 10

A pair of Rangers prospects cracked the Baseball America top 10 prospect list for the low-A East

Texas Rangers v. Minnesota Twins Photo by Adam Glanzman/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Baseball America has their top 10 prospect list out for the low-A East league which includes the Down East Wood Ducks, and the Rangers placed a pair of players on the list.

Dustin Harris, the guy who was supposedly the secondary piece in the Mike Minor trade just over a year ago, checked in at #6 on the list, with his “uptick in power” earning praise. Harris slashed .301/.389/.483 for Down East before getting a promotion to high-A Hickory, where he performed even better.

Also making the list was shortstop Luisangel Acuna. Ronald Acuna Jr.’s li’l bro is #9 on the BA list, and like Harris, garnered praise for showing more power in 2021, putting up 12 home runs as a 19 year old middle infielder in short season ball. Acuna’s profile has been that of a well rounded player who had questions about his power — if the power surge this year is real, and especially if he builds on that in 2022, he is someone who could be a big time mover next year.

BA is only going ten deep this year, at least in the league rankings they’ve released so far, rather than 20 deep as in prior years. The one notable Ranger prospect who isn’t on the list is Evan Carter, who slashed .236/.438/.387 as an 18 year old (he only turned 19 last month) in 146 plate appearances before a back issue cut his season short. Carter is just over the plate appearances line of demarcation for being eligible for this list, though I’m curious as to the extent his not making it was a reflection of not being seen enough versus being seen as not as worthy.