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47-88 - Rangers lose 4-1 in the middle of a Disneyland parking lot

That sure was a baseball game

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers scored a meager one baseball point but the Anaheim Angels scored four of them.

The Rangers played a baseball game that they tried to win tonight but they waited until exactly two outs in the ninth inning to finally score a run so they did not win. That is because their opposition scored four runs which is more than one so they won the game, instead.

Kolby Allard allowed all of those runs but only three were earned in 5 23 innings pitched. Meanwhile, last night’s winning pitching hit a three run home run, which, hilariously proved to be the difference in the end.

Player of the Game: Demarcus Evans gets the nod for giving Texas 1 13 innings of scoreless baseball with two strikeouts.

Up Next: This is a four game series so the Rangers will attempt on Sunday to get within a chance of getting even in Monday’s finale with LHP Taylor Hearn set to start against something called Janson Junk. First pitch from Angel Stadium is scheduled for 3:07 pm CT.