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Texas Rangers lineup for September 6, 2021

Going for the split

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Texas Rangers lineup for September 6, 2021 against the Anaheim a angels: starting pitchers are A.J. Alexy for the Rangers and Jaime Barrera for the Angels.

Texas looks to split this four game set in Anaheim, and will do so with A.J. Alexy starting. I was sure Alexy’s major league debut was a one shot deal and that he would head back down after the COVID guys started to return, but he’s still here and getting his second turn in the rotation.

The lineup:

Yonny — 3B


Adolis — RF


Lowe — 1B

Solak — 2B

Pozo — DH

Martin — LF

Trevino — C

8:07 p.m. Central start time