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Texas Rangers lineup for September 7, 2021

Pitchers batting in the desert

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Texas Rangers lineup for September 7, 2021 against the Arizona Diamondbacks: starting pitchers are Spencer Howard for the Rangers, followed by Jordan Lyles, and Zac Gallen for the D-Backs.

We have one of those weird short interleague series in Arizona, and Spencer Howard is back, tandeming with Jordan Lyles. I’m curious as to what the plan is for it for him to go one or two innings and be lifted when his spot in the order comes up the first time? Is it to go longer and without regard to when he is due up? The mind boggles.

The lineup:

Leody — CF

Yonny — SS

Lowe — 1B


Solak — 2B

Heim — C

Martin — LF

Culberson — 3B

Howard — P

8:40 p.m. Central start time