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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Now eventually you might have baseball in your, in your baseball league, right? Hello?

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Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Good morning.

With Ray Davis distracted by the lockout, Levi Weaver steals his wallet to spend the Texas Rangers into contention in 2022.

Jeff Wilson notes in his newsletter that while the players on the roster are away, the top prospects will play (or, more accurately, take part in seminars).

Jack Leiter was among the contingent in Arlington to take part in the summit of prospects and Kennedi Landry writes that Leiter is raring to play professional baseball.

Evan Grant covers Josh Jung gaining an upper hand in his pursuit of the third base job by actually being allowed in the stadium.

Jesse Sanchez takes a look at the upcoming international signing period which begins on Saturday. J2 is now J15.

David Schoenfield names the best player at each position not yet in the Hall of Fame with Adrian Beltre only a few years away from passing the third base baton over to someone else.

Speaking of, Beltre is named the Rangers’ all-time best free agent signing via Mike Axisa at CBS Sports. That’s what happens when you sign a future first ballot Hall of Famer and enjoy a majority of his best seasons.

Have a nice day!