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LSB Offseason Community Prospect Rankings — #13

Who is the #13 prospect in the Rangers farm system right now?

Heavenly Body Photo by Clarence Sinclair Bull/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Congratulations to Ricky Vanasco, who won the runoff for the #11 spot in the LSB Offseason Community Prospect Rankings, with 55.4% of the vote.

Our list so far:

1 — Jack Leiter

2 — Josh Jung

3 — Cole Winn

4 — Justin Foscue

5 — Dustin Harris

6 — Ezequiel Duran

7 — Owen White

8 — Evan Carter

9 — Josh Smith

10 — Sam Huff

11 — Ricky Vanasco

12 — Luisangel Acuna

Moving on...

We are using Google Forms for the voting. You will need to include your LSB user name when you vote. If you don’t have an LSB user name, you need to use some sort of identifier.

So who is the #13 prospect in the Rangers system right now?

Cast your vote below...