NFL Divisional Round Weekend OT: Jan 22-23 2022

When two celebs die on the same day, is one 'upstaged'?

News of the passing of Marvin Lee Aday / MEAT LOAF came very early on Friday. Half-day of mourning, and news of Louie Anderson's passing came sadly sailing in.

I know this has happened before, so I'm crowdsourcing your booze-addled memories for more examples. Please provide the sequence of the stories breaking, and who you think got short shrift in the news cycle.

Being me, the one that sticks out is John Lennon, murder >>> Darby Crash (Germs), suicide, one day before.



UPSTAGING / 'scene stealing in live theater'

It's a no-no among actors, and discerning audiences may not dig it either. Basically, a script/show is crafted to give Character X the focus at Beat Y. It's understood, and upsetting the order -- "stealing" the focus that's due your cast-mate as designed -- is bad teamwork.

I saw the pre-Broadway workout for a revival of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown in Chicago. Kristen Chenoweth played "Sally," and she stole. A lot.

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