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LSB Offseason Community Prospect Rankings — #1

Who is the #1 prospect in the Rangers farm system right now?

Gold prospectors using pans to sift river sand

Its that time of the year...time to kick off the LSB Mid-Season Offseason Prospect Rankings.

As we do every year, we are voting on who we think is the top prospect in the Rangers farm system right now. If the voting is close, we have a runoff. We then vote on each successive spot, removing each prospect from consideration as they are voted in.

Because there has been a history of vote-spamming shenanigans in the rankings, I used Google Forms for the mid-season community rankings, and it worked out well, so we will use it again. You will need to include your LSB user name when you vote. If you don’t have an LSB user name, you need to use some sort of identifier. While this won’t eliminate the possibility of vote spamming, it will make it harder.

I’m including the top 10 prospects on the mid-season community prospect list in today’s vote. I will add players going forward. There is also an “Other” option, if you would like, and the ability to identify who your “Other” choice is.

Cast your vote below...