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Four Rangers make Law’s top 100 prospect list

The Rangers have four players who crack the top 100 prospect list for Keith Law

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Keith Law has his top 100 prospect list for 2022 out today, and the Texas Rangers have three players who cracked the top 100.

Atop the Rangers’ group is Jack Leiter, the Rangers’ first round pick in 2021, who is #26 on Law’s list, with Keith seeing him as having #2 starter potential. Leiter is the third highest ranked 2021 draftee, behind Henry Davis and Marcelo Mayer, guys we talked about at length in the runup to the draft and who y’all are no doubt familiar with.

Close behind Leiter is Josh Jung, the Rangers’ first round pick in 2019, who is #32 on the list — interestingly enough, one slot behind Jordan Lawlar, the local product who was frequently linked with the Rangers in 2021 with the pick they used on Leiter. Law says Jung put to rest the concerns about his power, and should be ready to be a quality major league starter at the hot corner.

We have talked about there being a top tier with the Rangers’ prospect, with Leiter, Jung and Cole Winn being in that top tier, followed by a group of guys — Ezequiel Duran, Josh Foscue, Dustin Harris, and perhaps Josh Smith, Owen White and Evan Carter — behind that top three. Thus, it isn’t surprising the Rangers would place three players in a top 100 list.

However...Winn isn’t the third player who makes Law’s top 100 list. Instead it is Dustin Harris, who comes in at #92. Law, suffice it to say, believes in the bat.

And just a reminder that, before you get all worked up about Winn not making the list, once you get past the top roughly 50 or so in any list, there’s generally going to be a lot of variability. You can reasonably say that from roughly 50 to roughly 200 is a tier, and getting worked up about where exactly in that tier a player lands is not a good use of your energy.

Also, opinions vary, and just like some folks are going to have Winn in the top 50, others won’t have him in the top 100. Variety, the spice of life. Embrace it.

UPDATE — And apparently, Cole Winn is #42 on the list. I did a search by team name and I swear, I didn’t see Winn in there initially. I have no idea how I missed it. But apparently I did.

My bad.

UPDATE II — It appears, from reading the comments at the Athletic, that #42 (Winn) was initially omitted from the list. Which would explain why I missed him.