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Texas Rangers 2022 Weekly Recap Finale

The final week of a less than ideal season

MLB: New York Yankees at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

2022 Texas Rangers Record: 68- 94

Rangers Series Record: 10-21-7

The 2022 season is finally over for the Rangers. Thankfully, they ended it on a high note, taking the last two games of a four game series against the post season bound New York Yankees.

They also witness history with Aaron Judge hitting his 62nd home run of the season, setting a new record in the American League.

The Rangers overall had a better season this year than last, gaining eight wins. However, with their 15-35 record in one-run games, one could argue that eight additional wins isn’t enough.

While the season wasn’t great, they do have a lot of good to build off of. Including four players who hit 20+ home runs, Marcus Semien, Nathaniel Lowe, Corey Seager, and Adolis Garcia. This was a career high for Seager, at 33 homers. Unsurprisingly, they all had the highest OPS on the team as well. Semien and Garcia also had over 20 stolen bases.

Pitching is once again a big concern however. That should be the Rangers main focus, outside of looking for a new manager, in the off-season. It should be an easy and obvious decision for Texas to sign Martin Perez and Matt Moore back, along with Brock Burke, those two really held the pitching together. But once again, the starting rotation is lacking any kind of solid form.

After Perez, the starting pitchers that made the most starts were Dane Dunning, Glenn Otto, Jon Gray and Taylor Hearn. Each pitching 100 or more innings (Hearn sat right at 100 even). However, none of them could keep their ERA below 3.50. In fact, if not for Gray’s barely below 4.00, at 3.96, every starting pitcher other than Perez, would have an ERA over 4.00.

Funny enough, the Rangers ended the year with the exact same record on the road as they had at home, 34-47. Last season, the Rangers were 36-45 at home and 24- 57 on the road.

With the minor improvements, JD and Woody out, the Rangers signified that the rebuild wasn’t happening like it should nor fast enough. With that, the Rangers need to put together a strong team this off-season, one that at the very least is in a serious fight for a wild card spot. Something worth those two late decisions being made. You can only tell a fanbase the rebuild is happening or that they’re ready to compete before they start demanding the results, after this season, we have our demands.