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Young meets with Bochy, per reports

The Rangers have

San Diego Padres v Colorado Rockies Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Texas Rangers general manager Chris Young has met with veteran manager Bruce Bochy, per reports.

This is not exactly a surprise, as there has been a sense that Bochy would be the favorite for the Rangers’ manager job, should he be interested. Bochy managed Young when they were both with the San Diego Padres, and won three World Series titles with the San Francisco Giants.

Bochy managed from 1995 through 2019, a run of 25 consecutive seasons, and he announced prior to the 2019 season that he would be retiring, so it isn’t as if he was pushed out. It remains to be seen whether he really wants to come back to the game.

Other than Bochy, the only candidate the Rangers are known to have spoken to is Tony Beasley, who took over as interim manager for Chris Woodward after Woodward was fired in August. Presumably the Rangers will talk to other folks, unless Young decides he wants Bochy no matter what and Bochy decides he wants the gig.