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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

Texas Rangers update for Saturday, October 22

MLB: Miami Marlins at San Francisco Giants Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, LSB.

The Texas Rangers have a new manager.

The Rangers and former Giants manager Bruce Bochy have agreed to a 3-year deal, GM Chris Young having apparently plucked him out of retirement to become the new Texas skipper.

Jeff Wilson calls the hire a “perfectly executed cannonball” and the biggest acquisition of the Rangers’ offseason.

The DMN’s Kevin Sherrington says that the hire immediately brings the Rangers back into relevance.

The DMN also has a fun ‘‘things to know about Bruce Bochy” post that includes the time he got railroaded by Pete Rose at home plate.

Deadspin has a post looking at the “if you can’t beat ‘em, hire ‘em” aspect of the Bochy hiring.

MLB dot com’s Mark Feinsand takes a look at the Rangers’ remaining needs now that they’ve filled their gaping hole at manager.

And a look at the reception to Bochy’s hire indeed seems to be universally positive, a rarity.

Thats all for this morning. Have a good weekend!