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Wednesday Morning Links


2022 World Baseball Classic Qualifier Game 5: France v. Czech Republic Photo by Sebastian Widmann/WBCI/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Morning, all!

With Bruce Bochy signed the Rangers now have to get into the part of baseball we all dreamed about as a kid... having meetings, coming up with plans, and paperwork.

With Doug Mathis fired and Brendan Sagara reassigned to an as yet unidentified role, Bochy will be on the hunt for a new pitching coach... but he has a history of finding good ones.

Michael Young, channeling Holden Caufield, says that he approves of the Bochy hire because Bochy isn’t phony.

Bochy had to do a little work to convince his wife Kim to let him take the Rangers job, but ultimately she didn’t want to be the reason he didn’t return to baseball.

And that is all I’ve got this morning.