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Stearns out as Brewers president

David Stearns, the president of baseball operations for the Milwaukee Brewers, is stepping down from that role, per multiple reports

St. Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

David Stearns is stepping down as the president of baseball operations for the Milwaukee Brewers, per multiple reports out today. Stearns is staying in a consultant role with the team, but the national writers are all suggesting that that is not likely to be a long-term thing.

Per Jon Morosi:

And Jon Heyman:

Stearns is only 37, despite having a long resume, as well as having been the general manager of the Milwaukee Brewers since September, 2015, when he succeeded Doug Melvin, of all people. Prior to joining the Brewers, Stearns had spent four years as the assistant general manager of the Houston Astros.

Under Stearns, the Brewers have turned into the National League version of the Oakland A’s, cranking out winning seasons and doing a great job developing pitchers despite having a low payroll. The Brewers went 86-76 this year, missing the playoffs for the first time since 2017, when they also went 86-76.

The Rangers, of course, currently do not have a President of Baseball Operations, although I’m not sure that Ray Davis is really interested in bringing in someone above Chris Young on the organizational chart. Should that be something he desired, however, Stearns would seem to be the best guy out there. And once the Anaheim Angels are sold, the new owners may well want to bring someone new in, and getting to live in Southern California and run a big market team with new owners who, presumably, are wanting to make a splash would have an appeal.

Jim Bowden, though, says that the belief is that Stearns will end up in New York as the Mets’ President of Baseball Ops. Stearns grew up in New York as a Mets fan, and Steve Cohen has made multiple attempts to interview Stearns, which the Brewers have rebuffed.

Stearns reportedly is under contract with the Brewers through 2023. He could either spent a year in the consulting role, re-charging his batteries and waiting for his contract to run out, or the Mets, if they really want him now (and he really wants to go there), could try to strike a deal with the Brewers that would allow Stearns to go to New York immediately.