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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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New York Yankees v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Good morning.

Kennedi Landry writes that the Texas Rangers lost their season finale series opener to the Yankees but Martin Perez finished his career year campaign with a nice outing.

Kevin Sherrington writes that the Rangers enjoyed a pyrrhic victory by avoiding making history twofold in last night’s loss.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers are trying to close out a real bummer of a season and no one is having a good time in the process.

R.J. Coyle takes a look at your best bet to grab a piece of history should the Rangers cough up an AL record-breaking dinger to Aaron Judge this week.

At the Athletic, Zach Buchanan talks to Kumar Rocker on the eve of his pro debut in the Arizona Fall League, and we learn more about the mystery shoulder surgery.

R.J. Anderson ranks Texas as the 8th best bet to sign Judge this offseason after Judge hit a jackpot betting on himself this season.

And, Aaron Zavala is highlighted as a top performer from yesterday’s Arizona Fall League opener.

Have a nice day!