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Rangers Reacts: Free agent pitchers, and should Beasley be back?

Rangers fans think that Jacob deGrom should be targeted this offseason, and somene other than Tony Beasley should be manager

In our last couple of Rangers Reacts polls, we asked folks what they thought about Tony Beasley being back in 2023 as the Rangers manager, as well as which of four veteran starting pitchers you’d prefer to see the Rangers sign.

Tony Beasley has long been a fan favorite as a coach, but his stint as interim manager since taking over for Chris Woodward hasn’t appeared to have inspired much confidence:

The Rangers ended up posting a much worse record (17-31) with Beasley than they did with Woodward (51-63). It has seemed likely that, given the Rangers’ “win, if not now, than soon” mindset, a more experienced manager would likely be tapped for 2023, and Rangers fans seem on board with that.

In regards to this offseason, we asked about four veteran starting pitchers who are likely to hit the free agent market this offseason, and there was a clear preference as to who y’all would want the Rangers to sign from that group: