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Tampa Bay Rays hire Jon Daniels

Jon Daniels has been hired as a senior advisor for the Tampa Bay Rays

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Milwaukee Brewers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Rays have hired Jon Daniels as a senior advisor for baseball operations, the team announced today.

This is very funny to me. Daniels was fired in mid-August when Ray Davis, in a fit of pique, decided he had to show everyone how mad he was by firing Daniels. Daniels was expected to move into a similar sort of senior advisor role after the 2022 season with the Rangers. Now, he’s doing that job for one of the smartest organizations in baseball.

Meanwhile, Rangers general manager Chris Young is looking for an experienced front office person to fill this sort of senior advisor role with the Rangers. Dayton Moore is the guy whose name keeps coming up.