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Perez was offered Anderson money by Angels, per report

Jon Heyman reports on the Angels previous interest in Martin Perez

Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers Photo by Emil Lippe/Getty Images

Prior to Martin Perez accepting the qualifying offer tendered to him by the Texas Rangers, there were reports that the Anaheim Angels had interest in him. Jon Heyman says today that the Angels, who ended up signing Tyler Anderson to a three year, $39 million offer, made a “similar offer” to Perez before landing Anderson.

Anderson, like Perez, is a lefthanded starting pitcher in his 30s who had a big 2022 season after a rather pedestrian career. Anderson also, like Perez, received a qualifying offer, which meant a team signing him would forfeit a draft pick.

The Rangers and Perez engaged in negotiations on a multi-year deal prior to Perez accepting the qualifying offer, which will pay him $19.65 million for the 2023 season. There has been little in the way of details offered about what Perez was asking for or what the Rangers offered, though Jeff Wilson has previously indicated that the Rangers were offering a two year deal with a team option.

Perez getting, and rejecting, a 3 year, $39 million offer would suggest that he could have gotten more, had draft pick compensation not been attached. He had previously expressed a desire to stay with Texas, and I’m not sure if he would have accepted a 3 year, $39 million deal from the Rangers, had they offered that, but I suspect not.

Perez will now have an opportunity to make a nice chunk of money in 2023, then re-enter the free agent market unencumbered by a qualifying offer. If he pitches well, he’ll make much more over the 2023-25 year period than Anaheim offered.

Also of note in Heyman’s notes is that free agent starting pitcher Carlos Rodon is reportedly looking for at least $35 million per year. Given his health history and limited track record of success, that seems unlikely to happen except on a short-term deal.