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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

MrSugarPenis rides again

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New York Yankees v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Good morning.

Evan Grant examines why the Texas Rangers added Dayton Moore to Chris Young’s front office.

The Levi Weaver Weaver Wire covers all the happenings of the last week which included the hiring of Moore and the return of Mike Maddux.

Jeff Wilson writes that it’s time for the Rangers to start their holiday shopping with Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror.

Grant takes a look at the black hole that is left field for the Rangers and how they can improve it this winter.

The Rangers could improve left field by signing Aaron Judge but ESPN’s Bradford Doolittle doesn’t like the odds of that happening.

And, over at The Athletic, our own Brian Thomas recalls via Marc Carig the incident when Ken Rosenthal beseeched “@MrSugarPenis” to “READ THE COLUMN” to become a part of Sports Twitter lore forever.

It’s big, important news. The New York Times agrees.

Have a nice day!