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Wednesday Morning Links


New York Yankees v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Morning, all!

Mike Maddux’s secret to a fantastic 2023 Ranger pitching staff is getting the pitchers to believe in themselves.

Spin rates and performance metrics are all well and good, but Maddux notes that the heart and soul that goes into pitching can’t be measured with your slide rule, Poindexter.

Maddux felt like now was a good time to come back to Arlington because the team is poised to make a leap forward, oh, and also, because he gets to sleep in his own bed.

Evan Grant observes that Leody Taveras had a decent year until August, and that Evan Carter is waiting in the wings if Taveras can’t prove he’s the real deal.

Kennedi Landry has a Winter Meetings preview, noting that the team needs pitching and that the Rangers have a surplus of young middle infielders and catchers.