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Mets have concerns after Correa physical, per report

Ken Rosenthal and Dan Hayes report that Carlos Correa’s physical with the Mets has the team concerned

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Carlos Correa’s physical, administered by the doctors for the New York Mets, has raised concerns with the team, per Ken Rosenthal and Dan Hayes with the Athletic. Correa and the team agreed to terms on a 12 year, $315 million deal after the San Francisco Giants pulled their 13 year, $350 million offer due to concerns that arose over Correa’s medicals after the Giants administered a physical to Correa.

The issue with both teams is reportedly Correa’s surgically repaired right leg. Correa broke his leg while in the minors in 2014 when he got his spike stuck in a bag. Doctors for both teams are apparently concerned about the long-term stability of his leg, and how in might impact him down the road.

Although Correa has missed time in the past with back issues, he has not spent time on the injured list due to a right leg issue since that original injury. However, when dealing with a contract that would span over a decade, part of the process is going to involve ensuring there are no physical issues that could be anticipated to cause a player to be a higher risk of injury or of decreased performance in the latter part of the deal. It appears that both the Giants and the Mets have identified this as a red flag with Correa.