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Correa situation still in flux, per reports

Carlos Correa could still end up with the Mets, or could end up with another team, per reports

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images

It is December 27, and Carlos Correa is still not a New York Met. A week after Correa agreed to terms on a 12 year, $315 million deal with the Mets, after the San Francisco Giants backed out of the 13 year, $350 million agreement due to medical concerns, Correa and the Mets are still trying to work through the issues that arose when the Mets’ physical also raised issues.

Mike Puma of the New York Post reports that “[a]t least three teams” have been in contact with Correa. Who those three teams might be makes for some interesting speculation, though I don’t imagine the Rangers would be one of the three. But hey, they could be!

Puma cites a source as saying that there is a 55% chance that Correa and the Mets get this worked out, which is...lower than I would have expected, given all the reports of optimism about getting a deal done and how Correa really wants to play in New York.

It is starting to look like a game of chicken, with Correa not wanting to blink as he sticks to his guns on wanting the deal he and the Mets agreed to to be honored, and the Mets wanting Correa to compromise to address concerns about his surgically repaired ankle/leg.