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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

Saturday morning Jacob deGrom stuff...

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Chicago Cubs v New York Mets Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Good morning, LSB. What happened yesterday?

Apparently, Jacob deGrom is now a Texas Ranger.

Levi Weaver writes about general manager Chris Young fulfilling some promises and then some when it comes to bringing this thing back to contention.

Ditto, the DMN’s Kevin Sherrington says the move shows how tired of losing Young and Rangers’ owner Ray Davis are.

Evan Grant writes that even with the signing, “the roster is not complete” according to Young.

The DMN also ranks the signing as the third-splashiest in Rangers history.

Jeff Wilson calls the move a stunner and says that the Rangers are once again setting the free agent market.

Keith Law is here to harsh your buzz per usual and calls deGrom’s five-year deal brilliant and “also incredibly foolhardy.

Ken Rosenthal calls it a five-year, $185 million bet.

There are also some twitter reactions to the big signing.

And that’s about it. There will surely be more to come from what’s the biggest signing of a pitcher in team history. For now we can just soak.

Have a good weekend. Go Rangers.