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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Winter is here

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Alex Rodriguez PC Melvin

Good morning.

Levi Weaver previews the Winter Meetings for the Texas Rangers as they’ve transformed into one of the league’s preeminent big game hunters.

Evan Grant writes that with the meetings getting underway in earnest today, we might soon learn how much the Rangers have left to spend this offseason.

Count the Rangers among the teams primed to make some noise at the meetings this week, according to Mark Feinsand.

Jayson Stark writes about the ways in which some pretty drastic rules could change how teams build their rosters this winter.

Buster Olney pens the Mets’ Jacob deGrom divorce sob story but it’s still an interesting read to learn how quickly things came together for Texas.

Matt Fisher takes a look at what the Rangers rotation looks like right now with deGrom at the top.

And, Grant notes that we’ve come full circle as now the Rangers are poaching A.J. Preller’s front office with Texas hiring the Michaelene Courtis away from San Diego to become the highest ranking women for baseball ops in franchise history.

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