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Taillon, Quintana, Jansen off the board

More free agent pitchers have agreed to deals

THE BIG LEBOWSKI Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

As the Winter Meetings are wrapping up, we are seeing more free agents agree to deals, including three free agent pitchers of note.

Jameson Taillon, a 31 year old righthanded pitcher who just had a couple of league average seasons for the New York Yankees, has reportedly agreed to terms with the Chicago Cubs on a four year, $68 million deal. When we did our poll on whether to sign Taillon we used Ben Clemens’ three year, $42 million projection — this is obviously significantly more than that, though Taillon’s market has reportedly been strong, due in no small part to the lack of draft pick compensation attached to him.

Jose Quintana capitalized on his bounce back season with a two year, $26 million deal with the New York Mets. He essentially replaces Taijuan Walked, who got $72 million over four years from the Phillies.

Meanwhile, Kenley Jansen and the Boston Red Sox have reportedly agreed to terms on a two year, $32 million deal. Unlike Taillon and Quintana, who were rumored to be on the Rangers radar, I didn’t see anything linking Jansen and the Rangers this offseason. Still, given the Rangers unsettled closer situation, one could have seen Jansen potentially being of interest to Texas. That door, now, would seem to be shut.